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Your Guide to Wireless Charging for Public Spaces

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is an easy, convenient and safe way to charge you electronic device without using cables. 

Why Wireless?

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future proof




Users get a boost every time they put their phone down on a charging spot

No need for cables to charge your electronics

Wireless charging is the type of technology the public will come to expect

What is Qi?

Qi is an established wireless charging standard owned by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and has been backed by more than 200 leading companies, including Apple and Samsung. Their goal is to deliver wireless charging conveniently, and safely, while ensuring compatibility across all Qi devices. 

Find a full list of wireless compatible phones here.

How does Qi Wireless Charging Work?

A wireless charger, and a compatible smartphone both have a component built into them called induction coils. The one in the charger is a ‘transmitter coil’ that generates a magnetic field. This field sends out a signal to search for a ‘receiver coil’, like the one in your smartphone. When you place your phone on a wireless charger, these two coils temporarily act as a transformer, which transfers the magnetic field into the receiver in your smartphone. This creates an electrical current in the coil located in your device, which flows to the phones battery and starts charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wireless Charging Safe?

YES – When not connected to a smartphone, the charger emits a harmless signal that searches for a wireless charging receiver coil like the one in your smart phone..


What happens if there is a power surge?

Although the charging spot is connected to a wall outlet, the wireless charger cannot pass harmful increased voltages on to your phone.


Will the charger get hot?

All chargers create some heat as they charge. Arconas’ system has been developed to minimize the amount of heat generated.


What if the charge spot gets wet?

Since Arconas’ charging spot is built under the surface of each table, a spilled drink on the surface will not effect the technology.


What if an object is sitting on the wireless charger?

Our wireless charger has a mandatory Foreign Object Detection (FOD) function. Any metal, such as a key or coin, placed between the charger and a user’s phone is detected as a foreign object, and causes charging to stop.



The wireless chargers installed in all Arconas products are certified to the Wireless Power Consortium standard, ensuring they are safe and reliable

Arconas' Wireless Products

Arconas products that are available with wireless power include Place, inPower bar, and intermediate tables. For more information on our wireless charging solutions, please contact our sales team here.

Place Tablet Arm

Bernù Aero Table

Flyaway Table

inPower Bar


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