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USM Showroom Visit

USM Showroom Visit

USM Showroom Visit

We recently had the opportunity to tour the USM head office in beautiful Münsingen, Switzerland, where the iconic brand was born. 


While we know USM modular furniture to be a great choice for counters, our tour emphasized the remarkable modularity of the USM haller system. Exploring the vast array of options and configurations firsthand reignited our enthusiasm and opened our eyes to infinite potential that USM offers. 


Seeing the innovative and ingenious configurations displayed in the showroom gave us ideas on how we could translate these in an airport setting. Creating separation within the larger terminal space, carving out a play area for kids, creating a green space with planters....the possibilities are endless.


To learn more about how USM can be incorporated into your facility, reach out to us at airport@arconas.com. For more information on USM, start here



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Münsingen, Switzerland