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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our concern is with the entire lifecycle of our product

Arconas is committed to upholding our environmental policy and procedures. We were one of the first companies to use injected molded, CFC-free, VOC-free, fire retardant, cold-cured high resiliency urethane. This molding process produces little waste, is 3 times more durable than standard foam and is recyclable. Our manufacturing process creates minimal waste and all of our packaging and frames are 100% recyclable. We work closely with clients to ensure that our products help them to qualify for LEED credits.

Environmental Policy: Product Content

All of our public seating lines meet the requirements of the ANSI/BIFMA Emissions Standards M7.1.2011. Our beam-based products are low VOC and do not contribute to poor indoor air quality. The MDF we use is made from recycled/recovered wood fibers rather than using new wood. We also have available a formaldehyde-free MDF option. Many of our upholstery choices are made of recycled fibers. When new wood is used in our table tops, Forest Stewartship Council (FSC) certified wood options are available.

Manufacturing/Operating Process

Our products are designed and engineered to create and use a minimal amount of materials. The steel parts are powder coated, which enhances durability and life span of our furniture. We use only CFC-free cold cured foam in our seating lines. Our molding process creates minimal waste. We even re-use the upholstery off-cuts to protect your furniture while enroute.


At Arconas, recycling is an integral part of how we do business. All of our modular products can be easily disassembled and its component parts recycled. We reuse the carts that our beam furniture is shipped on, reducing the amount of packaging required. The cardboard and packing materials used in our packaging contains up to 60% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.