Philadelphia International Airport Terminal E Modernization

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has recently undergone a stunning transformation of their Terminal E gates, featuring a comprehensive selection of Arconas products designed to enhance passenger comfort and convenience.

The waiting areas now showcase Arconas’ Bernù Aero tandem seating, clusters, and loungers in an eye-catching vibrant blue, complemented by inPower flex 3 power modules, ensuring passengers can conveniently charge all their devices before their flight.

Additionally, Connex lounge seating with integrated power offers a plush and comfortable seating option, while our emBARq table with inPower stools provides passengers with a versatile workspace and charging solution.

“I have witnessed passengers using all of the various seating types—tandem, recliners, lounge chairs, and clusters along with charging their personal devices,” says Leah Douglas, Director of Guest Experience for PHL. “Our guests that have used the seating and the airlines that have received the seating have also expressed their appreciation for the upgrade.”

Arconas is proud to have played a key role in this terminal transformation. We love seeing our diverse range of furniture options come together to create an amazing passenger experience.

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