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Beacon Light Station

Beacon Light Station

The Beacon Light Station is a sophisticated triangular LED floor lamp designed to offer subtle illumination in public spaces.

Beacon Light Station

The Beacon Light Station can be strategically placed either as a standalone fixture or alongside other furniture configurations, effectively serving as a navigational beacon or a symbolic meeting point. Its dual functionality as both a light source and a directional marker makes it an excellent addition to seating arrangements in larger areas. 


When configured together with the Hop Bench and Surge Power Station to make up the Hopscotch, the Beacon Light Station adds a unique element and a whimsical light source. 

  • LED light fixture
  • Creates a sense of place and ambiance
  • Can serve as a directional beacon or meeting point
  • Beacon can be installed on its own or alongside other Hopscotch collection products


Body: Roto-molded plastic
Base: Cast aluminum