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Power Cuboid

Power Cuboid

Versatile freestanding power module table with multiple charging outlets. 

Power Cuboid

The Power Cuboid is a versatile power module table designed to meet your charging and power needs with ease and style. Available in two distinct versions, the Power Cuboid offers flexibility and convenience for various settings.

The Intermediate Table version is specifically crafted to be mounted between Nevada Chairs, seamlessly integrating into your workspace or lounge area. This configuration enhances your seating arrangement, ensuring that power access is always within reach, without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.


On the other hand, the Side Table variant stands alone as a statement piece, perfectly complementing a wide range of seating options. Its sleek design allows for greater flexibility in placement, whether beside a sofa, lounge chair, or even as a standalone charging station. To ensure stability and ease of use, the Side Table requires floor mounting, providing a secure and reliable power solution for any environment.

Notable features

Power module includes 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A and 2 AC outlets
1 Wireless Qi charging on top surface
OE outlets for easy replacement or upgrade
120V 15 AMP AC power source needed
Integrated circuit breaker


Solid Surface top
Solid wood box
Metal legs
OE Power Outlets