Find the right products to fit each unique space.

Hold Room

Comfortable yet durable furniture created to meet the rigorous demands of high-use spaces without compromising on design.

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A feast for the eye and maximum comfort for the body with options that meet the diverse needs of users.

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Our range of concessions-friendly products give passengers a place to refuel and recharge.

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Children and Family

From classic designs, to youthful colors and shapes, choose furniture fit for spaces where families come together.

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Safe, secure, and attractive furniture for a variety of functions within terminal security areas

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Functional and elegant furniture made to withstand the high-impact curbside environment.

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Bernu Aero at San Luis Obispo Airport


The Arconas team has years of experience working with clients to satisfy the unique furniture objectives and requirements of their facility.

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Bus and Rail

Find the right mix of furniture for your bus or rail terminals.

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Government and Judicial

Government & judicial furniture solutions for federal, state and provincial government offices, courthouses, and corrections facilities

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Other Public Spaces

Our high performance furniture is ideal for any high-impact setting that requires comfort and quality. For years our furniture has satisfied the needs of government offices, court houses, hospitals, cultural centres and more.

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Connections 2021

Your guide for specialized high-performance, high-design airport and passenger terminal furniture.


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