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A versatile collection of modular seating and tables.

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Waste and recycling bins made in Germany that unite form and function.

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Bernù Aero

A comprehensive seating series featuring curves, clusters, benches and more.

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An extensive line of modular lounge seating with accompanying connecting tables.

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High performance seating featuring clean lines in a robust structure, with an emphasis on user comfort for longer wait times.

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Green Furniture Concept

A collection of award winning Swedish seamless indoor wood seating and acoustic lighting options.

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Arconas inPower Bar Charging Station


Satisfy all your passenger power needs with under seat modules, charging stations, and more.

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Created with personal space and power in mind, the Place collection lets travelers work, read, game or consume media in style.

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Setz™ provides reliable, durable and comfortable public seating with trouble-free maintenance and a myriad of options.

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Studio TK

Comfortable and elegant furniture created for lounges and casual environments.

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Waste and recycling containers built for outdoor and indoor use, with multiple stream and finish options to fit your facilities needs.

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2019 / 2020 Furniture Guide

Your guide for specialized high-performance, high-design airport and passenger terminal furniture.


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