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Arconas works closely with airport planning, marketing and operations personnel, as well as architects and designers to enhance the airport experience for every type of traveler.   

We work individually with each client to meet their unique objectives and requirements such as increasing accessibility or encouraging retail and food court sales. Our assortment of furniture options enables us to help with multiple areas within your airport, including hold rooms, outdoors, security, lounge, family, and VIP areas. 

Airport Industry Experts

Based on years of experience, our team intimately understands the increasing complexities and competitiveness of the airport industry. Airports are no longer simply a place to catch a flight, but rather, a destination in and of itself that offers a wide range of services. Our dedicated personnel work with you to choose the right mix of furniture that will increase customer satisfaction and improve business performance. We do this while keeping industry bench marking systems in mind, such as Airport Service Quality (ASQ) and Skytrax. 

Large Airport Experience

The Arconas team has in-depth experience rolling out large seating and furniture projects at active airports. We understand the importance of continuing operations, even during renovations, and work with clients to create detailed plans for a shipping and installation schedule that will not disrupt operations. Our team has years of experience in advising highly coordinated efforts with multiple stakeholders to ensure each project is completed on time and on budget.    

Small Airport Experience

Your small airport can enjoy the ease of simplified procurement with our suite of airport furniture offerings that cover everything needed from arrival to departure. Our consultants take the time to discuss the specific needs of your small airport to best serve your passengers as well as your operations personnel.  

Quotation mark

Arconas’…extensive experience with all aspects of airport installations was invaluable and the project team was very positive and professional throughout the process.”

—Carlos R. Roche, Associate Principal, Schenkelshultz Architecture for the Orlando Int’l Airport

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