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Judicial and Government

Judicial and Government

Aero Bench

Your Trusted Source for Furniture for Judicial and Government Spaces

From jury assembly areas, the public gallery, hallways, and everywhere in between, Arconas offers a comprehensive range of furniture solutions for judicial and government spaces. We understand the importance of providing comfortable and functional benches throughout the facility to ensure a conducive environment for all participants. Our dedication to meeting the unique seating requirements of judicial facilities, courthouses and other government offices is unparalleled, ensuring that these spaces are aesthetically pleasing, safe, functional, and durable.


Our expertise extends to understanding how the design of government facilities reflects an organization’s policies, values, and goals. Drawing from our extensive experience in outfitting and furnishing judicial and government sectors, we specialize in providing products that not only meet the rigorous performance and quality standards demanded by government buildings but also meticulously adhere to procurement regulations.

Your Trusted Partner

Along with our deep understanding of judicial and government environments, we work closely with our clients, architects, project management, construction and operations teams to deliver the best selection of high-performance products for judicial and government environments that honor the dignity and history of courthouses while emphasizing the importance of safety, durability and efficiency.

Sherry Martin is our expert consultant for courthouses and government facilities. She will take time to discuss the specific needs of your building as well as your operations personnel. With many years of experience in advising highly coordinated efforts with multiple stakeholders, she will ensure each project is completed with ease, on time and on budget.  

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GSA Schedule

Arconas has served the US Federal Government for more than 40 years. Contact us for a full listing of our products available on the General Services Administration contract or visit www.gsaadvantage.gov, keyword “arconas” for further details.