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Bus and Rail Stations

Bus and Rail Stations

Springfield Union Station

Your Trusted Source for Bus and Rail Station Furniture

From large intermodal hubs to smaller regional stations, our team brings extensive expertise in implementing seating and furniture solutions tailored to various terminal sizes. Our products prioritize safety, durability, and comfort in high-traffic transportation environments. With a diverse range of offerings, we transform visions into tangible realities.

Arconas works closely with transportation planners, marketing and operations professionals, architects, and designers to enhance the passenger experience in maritime settings.

Our Experience

The Arconas team has in-depth experience rolling out large seating and furniture projects at active transportation hubs. We understand the importance of continuing operations, even during renovations, and work with clients to create detailed plans for a shipping and installation schedule that will not disrupt operations. 

Sherry Martin is our expert consultant for the transportation market. She will take time to discuss the specific needs of your terminal to best serve your passengers as well as your operations personnel. With many years of experience in advising highly coordinated efforts with multiple stakeholders, she will ensure each project is completed with ease, on time and on budget.  

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