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Cruise and Ferry

Cruise and Ferry

North Sydney Ferry Terminal

Your Trusted Source for Cruise and Ferry Terminal Furniture

From bustling ferry ports to grand cruise terminals, Arconas has the most comprehensive range of furniture pieces for all areas of your terminal. We have extensive experience in providing seating and furniture solutions for terminals of all sizes, ensuring safety, durability, and comfort in high-traffic areas.


We work closely with cruise and ferry terminal planners, architects, designers and operations professions to transform visions into reality and enhance the passenger experience. 

Our Experience

We understand the importance of keeping operations running smoothly. That's why we work closely with clients to create detailed plans, ensuring that shipping and installation schedules have minimal impact on ongoing activities. Our goal is to improve terminal environments without causing disruptions, guaranteeing a seamless and enhanced experience for all.


Sherry Martin is our expert consultant for the cruise and ferry market. She will take time to discuss the specific needs of your terminal to best serve your passengers as well as your operations personnel. With many years of experience in advising highly coordinated efforts with multiple stakeholders, she will ensure each project is completed with ease, on time and on budget.  

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Arconas is a proud and active member of CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) and the Canadian Ferry Association