Ascent Series

Ascent is a modular beam seating system with a lot of freedom and flexibility. The modules are easy to assemble and reconfigure. The straight convex and concave shapes can be used to create seamless seating to fit the unique structure of any room and utilize the space.

With a never-interrupting design of the slats you won’t be able to tell where the modules start or finish. The modules will all be blended together into one long curve of seats. The leg is designed to match the leg of the next module. Standing together two modules will be perceived as one as they create a seamless feeling.

The transition modules in the series creates a truly seamless, unique, ascending piece of art. From traditional two dimensional thinking of a space, we now introduce three dimensional modules to play with.

Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport | © Corgan
Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport
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Notable Features

  • Highly modular
  • Manufactured with 100% commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Space saving
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Multiple wood and metal color options


•    Wood from 100% certified sources
•    75% recycled post-consumer aluminum
•    Legs – more than 90% recycled post-consumer steel for legs
•    Treated with hardwax oil with 0% VOC content
•    Adhesive with low formaldehyde and VOC content
•    Individual parts can be replaced