ibench is a solar powered bench that incorporates smart features such as USB and wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity. This innovative outdoor furniture piece is designed to withstand the environment and high traffic use, making it a self-sufficient, sustainable seating option for outdoor waiting areas.

Versatile Options

ibench Basic

The ibench® is designed for durability and to withstand environmental influences and daily use. Digital displays can be integrated into the side panels of the ibench basic for increased digitization, messaging or advertising.

ibench Eco

The ibench eco® is a vesatile option that can be affixed with bracket legs or wall mounted.

Power on the go

Integrated Solar Panels

Three monocrystalline solar panels each with 40 Wp produce enough energy for lighting, mobile charging and LTE router, enabling easy installation and virtually uninterrupted operation of the ibench® throughout the year, without additional power supply.

Multiple Device Charging

A USB port on the sides of the ibench® and two QI charging pads on the seat offer easy and convenient electronic device charging. Up to 4 mobile devices can be charged on the ibench® simultaneously.

Strong Connectivity

Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity can be integrated into the ibench. 

A WLAN hotspot supplies anyone in the immediate vicinity with high-speed Internet. LTE routers, repeaters and wired routers (e.g. fibre) can be installed in the ibench® as an option.


The downlight is an LED-based, energy saving ambient light beneath the seating panel. This light indirectly illuminates the area around the bench and adds a heightened sense of security.

Environmetal Intelligence

Environmental Sensors

In addition to temperature and humidity, you can also define other optional parameters – such as particulate matter – to build up an interesting supply of information.

This information is made available via an intuitive web interface, so that you can access required information at anytime.

Notable Features

  • Solar panels integrated in the seat
  • Smart features: USB and wireless charging, bluetooth connectivity, ambient light
  • Designed for durability and to withstand environmental influences and daily use


ibench Basic: 72.85″ W x 18.7″ D x 21.85″ H
ibench Eco: 72.85″ W x 18.7″ D x 4.75″ H