The Kendo series of waste containers are manufactured in Germany by Auweko and exclusively distributed throughout the Americas by Arconas. Made from heavy gauge steel, these bins are protected from vandalism – simply wipe and it’s gone. The surface sealing is best compared with glass that hardly stains. This line of waste containers will keep their high-quality appearance for years, reducing the cost of regular cleaning. Kendo can also be configured with a dog waste bag dispenser door.

Kendo Dog Waste Bag Dispenser Bin

Configure Kendo with a dog waste bag dispenser. Get a bag and dispose of waste all in one spot. This version of Kendo is a great option for dog parks or public pet relief areas. 

Kendo bin with dog waste bag dispenser

Wipe and Its Gone

Kendo is well protected against vandalism with its sturdy vaulted form, double roof construction, reinforced door, and transparent surface sealing. 

Notable Features

  • Protective finish resists graffiti
  • Reinforced curved door includes welded hinges
  • Free-standing or hanging options
  • Safety lock


  • Stainless Steel  grade 1.430/AISI304
  • Galvanized
  • Zinc plated sheet steel inner containers, sealed with silicon