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Ascent takes airport and passenger terminal furniture to new heights of freedom and flexibility.

Ascent Double Back

Ascent is a modular beam seating system, easy to set up and customize, to bring a captivating and inviting charm to any terminal area. Using straight, curved, and concave shapes, you can create unique seating arrangements tailored to the specific location.


Ascent's gentle curves, smooth textures, and sustainable wood also contribute to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages passengers to sit down and relax.


Arconas is the exclusive distributor of Green Furniture Concept for airports and passenger terminals in the Americas.

Ascent | DFW

Ascent’s ingenious slat system ensure a seamless look, blending each unit harmoniously to form a continuous curve of seats. Matching legs create the illusion of a single, sleek unit when two modules stand side by side, promoting a sense of graceful continuity. These modules, which are easy to assemble, open a world of possibilities for any terminal space. Combine straight, curved, and concave shapes to create seating that perfectly fits the layout of any room, optimizing every inch of space.


• Wood from 100% certified sources
• 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum
• Legs – more than 90% recycled post-consumer steel for legs
• Treated with hardwax oil with 0% VOC content
• Adhesive with low formaldehyde and VOC content
• Individual parts can be replaced

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