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Avro is a complete, high-performance seating ecosystem designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern traveler.

Avro 4 Seater W Power

Avro tandem seats use the ingenious universal beam structure that allows all seat types to be easily and intuitively installed, removed or replaced.

The Avro ecosystem consists of tandem seating in wipe-clean polypropylene composite seating shells or upholstered pads, ReclinerLounge Seating, Lounge Bench and Wood Bench

Futureproof power integration
Avro seating incorporates low-voltage USB-A and USB-C outlets in the armrests so passengers can safely and conveniently charge their devices or catch up on work as they move through the terminal. The integrated power system offers a safe and secure electrical platform accessible only to maintenance personnel. The patented, retrofittable outlets ensure ease-of-maintenance while future-proofing the power supply as technology evolves. However fast things move, Avro is ready to adapt.

Avro’s structural components are crafted from endlessly recyclable aluminum, and all components are designed to be easily replaceable to minimize waste and maximize Avro’s lifespan. Seating shells are stackable for efficient and economical shipping, and the fully demountable system is engineered for easy onsite assembly, ensuring Avro carbon emissions are the lowest they can possibly be. At the end of its useful life, post-consumer polypropylene (Avro shells) can be repurposed to create clothing and industrial fibers, containers, storage racks and many other items.

Multiple colors, updatable upholstery
With a core range of dark neutrals, as well as warmer tones and vibrant accents, Avro can be customized to suit the surrounding space. Fabrics are easy to remove and replace, so Avro’s upholstery can be readily updated if the seats become worn, or to simply enhance a new interior scheme. 

Thanks to the high-pressure injected polypropylene reinforced composite that forms Avro’s shell, all colors in the confident, sophisticated palette are UV-stable, and guaranteed to withstand even the highest-traffic zones. Avro is both built to last and engineered to adapt. 

Notable features

Designed to meet changing passenger needs and behaviors, Avro is the most versatile furniture ecosystem on the market today.
Thoughtful design, easy installation and effortless maintenance.
Easy-to-update outlets give passengers convenient access to safe power sources.
Available in a broad palette of colors and fabrics.
Avro’s production and distribution processes consider environmental responsibility, economy and efficiency

Approvals and Certifications

ISO 9001 / 14001
CAL 117


Shell: 3D Moulded / Reinforced Polypropylene Composite (RPC) / UV Stabilized
Beam: Extruded aluminum / Powder coated
Arms: Die-cast aluminum / Powder coated
Legs: Die-cast aluminum / Powder coated
Tables: Solid core with Fenix HPL top and bottom finish, standard in White, Grey, and Black.
Solid surface (Corian, Quartz, etc.) in Arconas’ standard finishes or custom materials.
21”tables replace a seat position. 9”tables can be added to the ends (5-seat unit maximum).

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