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Bari Stool

Bari Stool

Bari Stool is designed to meet the heavy-duty requirements of passenger terminals and public waiting areas.

Bari Stool 19"

The Bari Stool is the ideal seating companion for bustling airport terminals and busy public waiting zones, designed to effortlessly handle the demands of heavy use. This stool isn't just sturdy; it's your go-to versatile and practical piece that also adds a touch of charm to airport spaces and is the perfect complement to our emBARq work station. 

Bari Stool | Montrose Regional Airport
  • Curves on the upholstered seat and back invites you to sit down comfortably
  • Available in a variety of heights: 19.5” – 24.5” – 27.5” – 30″
  • Footrest for 24.5”, 27.5” and 30″ height 
  • All metal parts are made from steel
  • Hidden-hardware floor mounting option

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