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inPower™ flex 3

inPower™ flex 3

Give your public seating a charge with inPower™ flex 3.

inPower flex 3 USB A and C

inPower™ flex 3 is an easy and convenient way for people to recharge their electronics from the comfort of their seats. inPower™ flex 3 features one AC receptacle, and two USB Type-A, and two USB Type-C charging ports.

USB-C enables faster, more convenient charging and wide charging capabilities from cell phones to laptops.

Flyaway with inPower flex 3

Power for everyone

The availability of multiple power ports and adaptive fast charging options eliminates the need for travelers to carry various device AC chargers, simplifying the charging process and accommodating a wide range of devices with different voltage requirements using a single, versatile cable.

 Adaptable to most seating and tables

inPower flex 3 brackets install on all Arconas seating and tables. Custom brackets are available for most tandem seating and can be used on new or retrofitted seating

Notable features

Blue LEDs indicate ready for service to users
Over current protection
Safety shutters
Flexible mounting options

Approvals and Certifications

All components are UL/CSA listed
All components meet RoHS
Tested to UL/CSA/IEC 62368-1
North American – UL Mark
UK and Schuko – UL and CE Mark
EMC/EMI to EN 55024 / 55032


Body: All aluminum die casting with black powder coating

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