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Setz, with its robust design and exceptional adaptability, perfectly caters to the demands of high-traffic public spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

3 seat upholstered

Prioritizing ergonomic comfort, Setz seamlessly accommodates various configurations, whether single rows or back-to-back setups, with the option to include arms or  tables.

With a diverse palette of color options, along with choices for full, partial, or no upholstery, Setz stands as a dependable, enduring, and comfortable seating solution, requiring minimal maintenance.

The sturdy seat pans are crafted from 12-gauge steel, featuring flanged and flattened edges that ensure the seats maintain their contours over time. These seat pans find support in cylindrical posts and beams constructed from 14-gauge steel.

Setz's finishes are environmentally friendly, power-coated in Arconas' standard colors.

Notable features

Rugged all-steel components
Easy to maintain

Approvals and Certifications

CAL 133


Seats: Perforated metal
Supports: Tubular steel
End caps and glides: Nylon