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USM Airportsystems

USM Airportsystems

USM Airportsystems develops furnishings for all airport passenger processes, such as counters, security desks, and mobile kiosks based on the Swiss-made USM Haller modular furniture system.

USM Head Office and Facility | Münsingen, Switzerland

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USM Airportsystems combines timeless design, advanced technology, and endless flexibility from check-in to boarding.

The modular USM Haller system offers versatile design solutions for airports. USM furniture improves airport spaces with high-quality materials and a modern look. Features like self-service kiosks, digital signs, and advanced security checkpoints make operations smoother and ensure a seamless travel experience.

USM Airportsystems' modular furniture can be easily adapted to the volume and space of the passengers, optimizing both efficiency and comfort.

Experience the practicality and innovation of USM Airportsystems.

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